Visit Lille Raipas / Alta

Visitors arriving at Alta via E6 should turn left on to E45 Kautokeinoveien. Cross the bridge to Raipasveien and follow the signs to the parking lot.  There is an alternative route via Aronnes and Kronstad to Raipasveien. The parking lot is located 5 km southeast of the Alta center.The trail is 2 km to the top with slight pitch and wet areas, recommends proper footwear.

On your way to point E in the triangulation network, Lille Raipas, you will pass the old Raipas mines, where production commenced in 1834. In the 1840s, a rich vein of ore was found. Up until 1847 – three years before the triangulation network was measured - the Raipas mines were the best of all the Alten Copper Works mines. Read more about Alta at the surveyors time here. For more information contact: Alta Museum. Visit Alta. See more photos.


Spor gruve Lille Raipasxx2

Traces of old mining. 2015.GJV

Lille Raipas forbedringer2020

Improvements of the trail. 2018. GJV


Lille Raipas med Komsaxx2

Lille Raipas. Seen in the background is Komsa, point D in the expansion chain, also reachable for visitors. GJV