Visit Luvddiidčohkka / Lodiken 

Take the road E45 between Alta and Kautokeino, look for a sign at the Suolovuopmi mountain lodge.(Drive on the gravel road about 12.5 km if the car can withstand it. It is 3 km from information board  to the top, the trail has a slight rise. Allways wear proper footwear.)  We do not recommend ordinary private cars to drive the route from Suolovuopmi mountain logde this summer and autumn, because of the standard of the road.

Skilt til Lodiken DSC02526xx2

Sign at the Suolovuopmi mountain lodge. E45.GJV

Struves informasjonsskilt ved merket sti. GJV

Information board. 2015.GJV



 Follow the first car road between Alta and Kautokeino from the period 1928-1939. The stone cairns with arrows pointing towards Alta are from 1896-1898. They mark the old winter road. We do not recommend visits earlier than 1 June. Read more about the surveyors in Kautokeino here. For more information contact: RiddoDuottar Museat and Suolovuopmi and Gargia mountain lodge.  Se more photos.