Visit Muvravárri /Bealjášvárri. 

Take the road E45 from Alta or from the Finnish border, turn towards Ávži. Look for the sign near the church. Drive 11 kilometres towards Ávži. Turn left, away from the tarmac road. Cross the bridge. Turn right after the bridge, and then left. Follow these signs to the parking lot.

Nyttskilt ved Avzi

One of the signpost for the parking lot at Ávži. B.H


G.Hagen merkestolper

Marked trail to Bealjášvárri/ Muvravárri. G.H

Follow the arrow points towards the marked path to the mountaintop Muvravárri /Bealjášvárri. Take the summer road and follow the signposts of the cart road towards the top. 600 metres from the parking lot,- you reach bog terrain with really wet areas -100 meter long – please bring suitable footwear. This is the only challenge on this route which is 3 km long.  

On the road to Muvravárri, you encounter several cultural heritage sites. There are wild reindeer trapping pits from Sami Iron Age and sacred Sami cultural heritage sites. Please be respectful of the cultural heritage! Read more about surveyors in Kautokeino here. For more information: Riddo Duottar Museat. See more photos.

Muvravarri punktxx2

View from Muvravárri /Bealjášvárri. GJV


Barmarksvei 2018 1

Improvements of the trail.2018. GJV