Visit the obelisk at Fuglenes / Hammerfest

Visitors driving to Hammerfest on Rv 94: Continue past the town to Fuglenes. Turn left after the Isbjørnhallen and follow the road signs. 

Meridianstotta og Tyvenxx2

The end point – the Meridian Statue, with the mountain Tyven in the background. GJV

It is possible to visit Tyven (419 metres AMSL). There is a tote road from Baksalen. The walk takes a couple of hours. If you do not have much time, we recommend a walk up to Salen from the town centre of Hammerfest via Sikksaksveien. The walk takes 10 to 15 minutes. From Salen there is a view to Tyven and Håja.  Read more about the work of surveying in Hammerfest here. Contact The Museum of Reconstruction and the Tourist Information. See more photos