Visit the obelisk at Fuglenes / Hammerfest

Visitors driving to Hammerfest on Rv 94: Continue past the town to Fuglenes. Turn left after the Isbjørnhallen and follow the road signs. 

Meridianstotta og Tyvenxx2

The end point – the Meridian Statue, with the mountain Tyven in the background. GJV


Fra Tyven mot Haja 2019

From the geodetic point Tyven. 2018.GJV

It is possible to visit Tyven (419 metres AMSL). There is a tote road from Baksalen. The walk takes a couple of hours. If you do not have much time, we recommend a walk up to Salen from the town centre of Hammerfest via Sikksaksveien. The walk takes 10 to 15 minutes. From Salen there is a view to Tyven and Håja.  Read more about the work of surveying in Hammerfest here. Contact The Museum of Reconstruction and the Tourist Information. See more photos